AIR HEATERS THREADED IN LINE, Heating section Expert Manufacturer to optimize the performances of industrial processes.


  • Air temperatures to 1400F (760C)
  • For applications requiring high pressure air
  • Available with both ends threaded on 3/8", 1/2", 1-1/4", and 2-1/2" NPT units
  • All Stainless Steel housing
  • Available with high temperature electrical feedthroughs
  • Serpentine Heating Element housed in a quartz or ceramic tube is secured into a stainless steel pipe with threaded ends.


Style A

  • Should be used whenever an absolute leak-proof system (up to 150 PSI) is required
  • Two high temperature feedthroughs placed 180 degrees apart at the inlet of the heater for electrical connections
  • Maximum inlet temperature 900F

Style B

  • Maximum air pressure 150 psi, but will have slight air leakage through power wire strands
  • 12" (305mm) long power wires exit at a 90 degree angle from the heater
  • Maximum inlet temperatures 200F

Heater Selection

To determine the proper size heater, plot a point, which defines your required air temperature and flow. The nearest curve to the right and above this point represents the proper heater selection.

All temperature measurements were created using an exposed junction, 1/16" diameter "K" thermocouple.